Real Estate Training and Education

Title Searching

Understanding the Torrens system, having a basic knowledge of caveats, restrictive covenants, and other registrations against a property.

Know Your Product

Based on a home inspection manual, this course covers building specifications and materials used over the last 100 years. Beneficial in detecting areas of concern to both sellers and buyers.

Real Estate 2000

This is the agent qualifying course covering the Real Estate Law, Agency, Appraisals, as well as rural, investment, and commercial Real Estate. This has been replaced by the Brokerage Course.

Appraisal Techniques

A study of three basic appraisal methods

Environmental Awareness

Environmental concerns as they apply to residential Real Estate. Areas covered include asbestos insulation, lead paint, lead pipes, and soil contamination.

Appraisal Report Writing

This course deals with proper use of MVA appraisal reports

Grow Operations Seminar

This course covers the dangers of Grow-ops and how to spot them

Agency Fundamentals

This cousrse covers the duties and responsabilities of agency

Acreage properties

This course provides the basic information for selling acreage property.

New home construction

This is an introductory course in construction materials and practices.

Calgary Real Estate Agent

Transaction Brokerage

This course covers the duties involved when entering into Transaction Brokerage.

Buyer brokerage

This course covers the duties and responsibilities of the agent in Buyer Brokerage

Environmental awareness

This course covers basic environments issues pertaining to residential Real estate

Risk reduction and mortgage fraud awareness

This course provides information to prevent future issues.

Advertising, marketing and the Internet

This course covers the do’s and don’ts of internet marketing.